Who we are?

Submit2CMS is a Self-Service MIPS Reporting Platform

Submit2CMS is Qualified Registry (QR) with an authority on Medicare reporting and have been vetted by CMS. We are focused on improving the delivery of value-based healthcare to create better patient outcomes by simplifying data collection, quality reporting, and preventive care through a comprehensive, end-to-end quality-improvement platform. Our unique platform enables EP & EH to get data seamlessly from EHR.

Powered by THOUGHTi , our data-driven software solutions are designed to give providers tools to identify and solve common healthcare challenges related to preventive medicine, disease management, practice efficiency, patient transitions, and quality reporting. We are focused to help practices improve quality, increase incentives, and avoid payment adjustments from CMS. We also support over 54 Quality Measures.

Submit2CMS helps providers and practices improve care, lower costs, and increase earnings, ultimately transforming operations to increase the joy and profitability in the practice of medicine.

A leader in healthcare analytics and population health management, Submit2CMS, empowers clients to analyze and interpret their clinical, financial, and consumer experience data to maximize their performance. We providing insights and impact to integrated health networks, ACOs, hospitals, ambulatory care providers, physician groups, and health plans. Submit2CMS’s quality measure dashboards, financial risk measurement, healthcare survey and call center solutions, and consulting services empower clients to meet the Triple Aim by improving population health, reducing overall cost of care, and improving the patient experience.

We are the only registry which is backed with patent pending forecasting platform which is successfully used for bundle payment calculation.