Submitting your MIPS data to CMS for 2017

MIPS-eligible clinicians can submit their 2017 MIPS data by March 31, 2018. So there’s no time to waste. If you think its too late for you to think about this then you are wrong. Submit2CMS is to help you here. We can do test submission for you so that you avoid any penalty and if we can check if you can submit more data so that even you can get incentive too. The last thing you want is to discover critical impediments to data submission in the short few weeks leading up to the MIPS reporting deadline. Preparing for MACRA’s Quality Payment program isn’t a simple task.

To avoid CMS payment deduction, providers are required to submit at least 1 Quality Measure for at least 3 patients over any 90 day encounter period during 2017.

To earn an incentive from CMS, providers are required to report a minimum of 7 Quality Measures for all patients seen during a 90 day period including 1 outcome measure.

Our intuitive platform removes your dependency from any EHR you are using and you can directly add minimum data on our platform to submit your data to CMS. We also help you to get data immediately on our platform if you are using one of EHR that we support seamless. To date we are supporting more that 50 plus top EHR.

Please contact our team on no obligation consultancy call and we are happy to help you.

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