What is MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs)?

The MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs) are a recently introduced reporting option for healthcare professionals that presents a focused set of measures and activities that are specific to a particular medical specialty or condition. By grouping these measures and activities together in a more meaningful way, MVPs enable a more comprehensive evaluation of the quality of care. Starting from the 2023 performance year, clinicians will be required to choose, gather, and report on a reduced number of quality measures and improvement activities (in contrast to the conventional MIPS reporting method). Additionally, they will need to report the complete Promoting Interoperability measure set, which is the same as in the traditional MIPS program. The data for the cost performance category and population health measures will be collected and calculated by CMS.

CMS defines an MVP Participant as:
– Individual clinicians
– Single specialty groups
– Multispecialty groups*
– Subgroups
– APM Entities